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4 Trends for Suburban/Hobby Shops


The realm of custom post-frame construction is in a perpetual state of evolution. Each day brings forth unique challenges and opportunities, with no two buildings or days alike. An increasing number of clients are now turning to social media for their building inspiration, particularly concerning suburban and hobby shop constructions. This surge in online inspiration has given rise to new trends that are elevating these buildings to unprecedented heights. Among the foremost trends we are witnessing today are advancements in exterior styles, the integration of softer features, the transformation of standard options into bespoke solutions, and a reimagining of building utility. In the following discussion, we will delve deeper into these trends, examining their implications and how our approach as builders is evolving in response.

1. Exterior Styles

In our suburban constructions, we are observing two prominent themes in exterior design. The modern farmhouse aesthetic, which has been a consistent presence, has surged in popularity in recent years. Our version of the "farmhouse" style typically features traditional white steel siding complemented by matte black, charcoal, or slate grey accents. Clients often incorporate black windows, along with industrial lighting and door options, creating a timeless appearance that distinguishes their building from the conventional post-frame style.


The latest trend in exteriors leans towards a darker palette. There is a growing preference for all-matte-black or charcoal exteriors, or a combination of both. These darker hues impart a classic, striking appearance that resonates with our clients. Whether opting for the enduring appeal of the modern farmhouse or the bold statement of an all-dark exterior, clients are finding both styles equally captivating and timeless.



2. Softer Features


Traditionally, post-frame buildings have been associated with basic, standard farm shops. While these types of structures still constitute a significant portion of our projects, suburban buildings present an entirely different scenario. Features are instrumental in bestowing these buildings with a bespoke feel and the distinctive character that our clients anticipate. Softening elements play a crucial role in enhancing the exterior aesthetics of these buildings to achieve the desired custom look.


We are witnessing a growing prevalence of cedar accents in our builds. Whether incorporated as custom cedar trusses or cedar porch columns, many of our buildings feature cedar accents in various forms. While brick was the conventional choice for many years, stone has emerged as a more popular option among clients seeking to enhance their building's exterior. These subtle modifications to the building's exterior can significantly impact its overall appearance and ambiance, prompting clients to invest more effort in these features that can truly make a difference.




3. Standard Turned Custom


The allure of post-frame construction lies in its array of benefits, which largely influence our clients' decision to entrust us with their hobby shops and suburban buildings. In recent years, we have observed a trend among clients who are not only embracing the traditional advantages of post-frame construction but also seeking to enhance them to imbue their projects with a custom, high-quality feel.


One of the key attractions of post-frame construction is its low-maintenance steel siding. While this feature remains a primary consideration for most clients, there is a noticeable shift towards using wood grain steel or similar alternatives to infuse the exterior with character, while retaining the practical benefits of steel siding. Another notable change is the trend towards adjusting roof pitches to introduce more detail and visual appeal to the building. Mansards, which were once fairly standardized, are now being customized to align with the desired look and feel of each client's building.


In the realm of concrete, which was previously a standard element in all our builds, clients are now opting to customize their selections to further enhance their buildings. Pinterest has also had a significant impact on interior design choices, leading to a shift in the types of interior linings being used. While white steel liners have traditionally been the preferred choice among our clients, there is a growing inclination towards incorporating different colors and mixing steel with barnwood and shiplap. This desire for customization is evident across all aspects of the building process, and interior lining presents an opportunity to achieve a bespoke look without exceeding budget constraints.




4. Building use  



For a considerable time, the traditional suburban post-frame building primarily served as a garage. However, as awareness of the benefits of post-frame construction has grown, the definition of "suburban" has expanded significantly. Today, the buildings we encounter are larger and taller, reflecting a shift in their intended use. These structures now serve a diverse range of purposes, including family gathering spots, cabins, recreational spaces, and "getaway" retreats. Each building we design is truly unique, tailored to meet the specific desires and requirements of our clients. As suburban buildings continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly exciting to create these spaces that will be enjoyed by our clients for years to come.



Conclusion: As post-frame construction continues to evolve, so too will the trends. At Blunier Builders, we are committed to assisting you in designing and constructing your dream building, whether that involves adhering to current trends or creating something entirely unique. As your post-frame construction experts, we are eager to meet your needs in any way possible.