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Blunier Options

Blunier Builders can provide you with a crew to handle much of the needed site work.

Prevent rodents from burrowing under your concrete floor by installing our Rodent Barrier System around the perimeter. We offer two systems for you to choose from.

Sliding Door Footing- 3' deep concrete Frost Footing with steel angle iron edge and door guides. Overhead door Frost Footing- 3' deep concrete Frost Footing with finished sloped cap.

The type of floor you select is dependant on the function of your building.  If you are looking to build a heated shop space, a concrete floor can provide the opportunity for in-floor heat, floor drains & under floor insulation.

Pipe bollards can protect your building from damage.  Blunier Builders installs 6” pipe bollards in concrete with poly sleeves for lasting protection.

A lined & insulated shop is every farmer's desire.  An insulated office or warehouse can be a necessity.  No matter what type of post-frame building you want, the option of insulating can be the most money-saving decision you make.

Wainscot is a perfect addition to your next building project! It adds warmth to your home or garage, or add it to your shop for functionality!

Adding eavelights, skylights, or ridgelites to your building allows for natural daylighting within the building and reduces the need for electrical lighting.

Sliding doors and pole buildings go hand in hand.  Most farmers have grown up with sliders on their barns and machine sheds and know the agony of trying to open that rickety, unbalanced door. 

Blunier Builders offers a variety of overhead door options. 

A hydraulic door utilizes your full building clearance, allowing for a taller and larger opening for your equipment.

There are many different interior finishes available for your Blunier building, depending on the function of your space.

Condensation in post frame buildings can be damaging not only to the building itself, but also to the assets you have stored in them.  Blunier Builders controls condensation issues with MoistureLok.

Add a porch & make your post frame building a destination spot.

Cupolas can be added to any building & provide a great look!  Three different sizes are available & many options to make your building fit the style you desire.

Overhangs add aesthetic beauty to any post frame building!  However, overhangs also play a crucial role in the ventilation of your building.

Sometimes referred to as an "eyebrow", a mansard is a great way to set off an entrance or add dimension to your post frame building.  Our standard 3' width mansard gets you and/or your customer out of the weather before getting into your building.

Post frame buildings make wonderful horse stables and riding arenas.  With a wide array of equestrian products from our supplier, we can equip your building with the necessities for your equestrian facility.

When you're looking to fix up a building on your property or need some more space, Blunier Builders is ready to help create a building that you can enjoy for whatever your need is. Give us a call to discuss your remodel or repair project today!