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Sliding Doors


  • Double or Single Sliders
  • Steel Aluminum Frame
  • 1-1/2" or 3-1/2" Frame Options
  • Wainscot & Window Option Available
  • Concrete Pier Center Guide
  • Frost Footing Upgrade Available with Steel Angle Iron Edge


Sliding doors and pole buildings go hand in hand.  Most farmers have grown up with sliders on their barns and machine sheds and know the agony of trying to open that rickety, unbalanced door.  Let that be a thing of the past.  Blunier Builders uses a state of the art sliding door system.  Our doors feature a steal frame for stability and strength.  We use the best rollers on the market and take the time to balance and test each door to ensure ease of use.  We offer split sliders up to 40’ wide and single sliders up to 24’ wide.