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Blunier Builders have been great! They are quick, efficient, courteous, and do great work! My building is done other than they need to pour my concrete apron, but the weather is not cooperating. I would definitely recommend them to others who want to build. My land is not level and I was not sure if I could get a building put up on it, so Eric brought out Jake to make sure that they could level out an area to put my building. They took the time to take measurements and talk with me and my wife to come up with a building location and plan. Eric made sure that I was happy with the plan and even spent time reviewing it with me before signing the paperwork to start the building process. Jake again met with me before the building started to make sure everything was still to my liking. If I ever had questions, they would make time to answer them. The sub-contractors that they used were also kind, courteous, and did a great job! Lucas from RAB Electric made sure to meet with me before he started wiring up the building and went over things again with me before he and his crew wrapped up for the day. I can honestly say that working with these guys have been great and again, I would recommend them to anyone!
Jeff, H.
We were very impressed with the work Blunier Builders did on our new warehouse at Fehr Cab Interiors Co. From working with the salesman Drew, to project manager, James, and the crew foreman, Matt, all great experiences. We were very pleased with the workmanship, promptness, communication, and everything in between. We made changes to the job several times from start to finish and they were more than accommodating to work with us and our requests. They are very skilled at working with subcontractors as well and took that additional strain off of us. A++
Fehr Cab Interiors
Great staff, knowledgeable, and always willing to give you helpful advice on your building decisions. Blunier understands and knows the expense you are laying out to build this structure and they want you satisfied. I enjoy knowing that someone was making sure not to miss something. Again great business to work with.
Laible, A
Working with Blunier was excellent throughout the entire process. From the sales process to handing over keys each member of their staff and crew were very communicative and helpful. Especially considering supply chain issues on doors and windows. I highly recommend the Blunier team!
Francis, D.
Drew was fantastic to work with! Always responded promptly. The shed turned out better than I imagined!!
Knapp. R
Crew was very professional and quality workmanship. Very happy we chose a Blunier Building.
Mitchell, M
I can't say enough about the professionalism of everyone involved in this project. You have great company. To get this kind of workmanship (quality) in today's market is something special, keep up the good work!
Holtz, E
Eric is easy to work with and planned a shed that complements our house. He understood what we wanted.
Wyss, G
Drew, James, Matt & the crew were a pleasure to work with and were very attentive to our desires in the finished building. Thanks!
Poppe B.
I was there and observed the entire construction process. The crew was what a picky guy like me appreciates. I Don't believe any of the other builders could duplicate the quality considering the price, timelines, and value of using local labor.
Roger, J
Drew was the only salesperson from the companies that I contacted who took the time to call me to better understand what I needed. James discussed timelines, changes, etc. to ensure I was up to date with everything going on. He was very responsive to my suggestions.
Eller, T
I've worked with Mike, Chad, and Eric now and all three are top-notch. Won't erect any other brand of building in the rest of my farming career.
Mel M.
The people from Blunier are great people to deal with all the way from sales up until it was completely finished it was a few flaws but they were all taken care of and all is done to our liking We are enjoying our new building but as normal it seems like it does not take too awful long to fill it up but that is something we have to deal with the guys did a great job both inside and out and we could not be happier Thanks again to their expertise on a job well done!
Gary N.
Blunier Builders have a great team of professional people. Knowledgable, Friendly, and always helpful to work with. Enjoyed the experience of working with such great people. Many great compliments on the job by the community. Thank you!
Leo W. - Rogers Township
"They were very prompt, efficient, and thorough. They kept us informed as to the actual progress and were concerned about our satisfaction."
Gene V., Elmwood, IL
Eric was highly professional and always available- an excellent advisor who guided us through the process… Rueben always went the extra mile and extra hours to ensure and manage every detail of the project. Always nice, kind, respectful, and very hard worker! Very impressed with the work ethic (of the bracket and building crews). Very timely and precise. Very efficient team that kept the project on track! The quality of the building is appreciated on a daily basis…From sales to final walk through we have had an excellent experience!
Patrick P.
"I have nothing but great things to say about the shed! Your people did a great job!"
Tim S., Bradford, IL
"The construction started & was completed as promised. I would recommend Blunier to anyone interested in a building purchase."
Roger L., Hinckley, IL
"The quality of materials was top notch and the quality of workmanship in building was great. The crew did beautiful work! I would do it all over again just the same way!"
John K., El Paso, IL
"A builder that was responsive and genuinely interested in making sure that my needs were understood and met was the key for me. Communication is the key to success. I got progress updates from the site and everybody worked as a team. I also had the best foreman that I could have asked for!"
Jim M., Deer Creek, IL
"The process of choosing the right size, colors, and all the options available was very enjoyable! I could not be any happier with my building!"
Chris S., Congerville, IL
I picked Blunier Builders because Andy took an interest in my project and seemed willing to work with me on aspects of my structure (for my building addition). Andy indicated a willingness to work through my special needs for this project and I feel that promise was kept. Special high marks to Rueben for taking the time to make sure my rebar structures were in the ground perfectly laser level (for special concrete pads).
Gary J.
With a corporate company, we have to propose a capitol plan and you don't always get the money (to build) that year. Bluniers had no problem re-quoting the building multiple times till the budget was approved.
Mel M. Crop Production Services; Dwight, IL
I was impressed by the constant and steady work ethic (of the building crew), but not at such a pace that quality of work was compromised!
Doug D.; Morrison, IL
We really appreciate your workers. They were professional, friendly, and do excellent work. We will recommend Blunier's to anyone. It has been a very pleasant experience.
R. Wallace, Streator, IL
"I liked the idea of building off of brackets to keep the poles from deterioration. I also embraced the Moisture-Lok adhesive on the roof panels & we have not had any condensation moisture!"
Ted B., Eureka, IL
"Blunier Builders lived up to my expectation from start to finish. The end result was a building that met & exceeded my vision when I started planning my project."
Jack B., Marengo, IL