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Hobby / Workshops

Take a look at a few of our hobby/workshop spaces. The beauty of post frame buildings or pole barn floor plans is that they are so versatile. We utilize the same reliable construction methods for putting up a pole barn home (see Homes) that we do when designing a workshop or garage space.


Give us some detail about the vision you have for your space and we can draw it up with you, making sure to include any amenity you might like! Message us below.



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Building Use
Roof Color
Siding Color
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Special Features

Workshops Designed for Illinois' Makers & Craftsmen

Everyone longs to have that perfect spot to work on their favorite hobby or pastime. Many hobbies like woodworking can require additional space or storage than your home’s garage can provide you! Maybe you need a pool house or some extra space for entertaining guests. Whatever your dream, turn it into reality with an affordable outbuilding designed especially for you!


Our materials & Construction Methods are superior but come to you at a price that is competitive & fair.  Trust in us to help you create that special garage for your equipment, storage, and workshop needs. Have questions about pole barn garage pricing? Get in touch with us below. See also:

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Pole Barn Garage Construction

Whether you have too many vehicles for your original garage or need to build an addition to your home, many homeowners consider expanding by building a new garage. Let us help you design a custom pole barn garage that will compliment your existing structures & give you that extra space you need.


Our straightforward process will deliver a building that is functional within a short time frame. Post-frame garages are low maintenance & affordable which make them the perfect solution for any homeowner.