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Why Pole Barn Homes in Illinois?

Post frame homes have many different names, barndo, barndominium, pole barn home, shouse, shed house, shome, just to name a few. Regardless of what you might call them, they offer benefits that traditional stick-built homes just don't

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Why Pole Barn Homes in Illinois?


Here are just a few more of the benefits of our pole barn buildings:


Affordable Pricing

  • Pole barn pricing is very simple and is laid out at the beginning of our planning process with you.
  • We calculate cost based on simple square footage as well as any additional Specific Features.


Custom Design

  • Our process is defined by personal consultations and innovative approaches to design & construction for the modern-day farmer/homeowners.


Quick Construction

  • We employ professionally certified masons, engineers, and site work crew members.
  • No matter the type of construction elements at your property, your pole barn home or cabin will have expert construction.


Durable Materials

  • The Features & Options we include are not be matched by many others in Illinois. Take a look for yourself.

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Low Maintenance

  • While post-frame buildings are versatile because of a simple design with durable materials, they present very little need for maintenance year after year.


Energy Efficient

  • Instead of looking after a traditional home with multiple levels, potential water damage, finicky temperature control, or poor construction, pole barns are some of the most energy-efficient structures available today.


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