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McElroy Metal & Kynar Paint Features
  • Max-Rib Ultra Steel Panels
  • 80,000 PSI
  • 29 Gauge Steel
  • 26 Gauge & 24 Gauge Steel Available As An Option
  • Kynar 500® Coating
  • 21 Standard Colors
  • Excellent Warranty




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We have partnered with McElroy Metal which has been providing high-quality steel since 1963.  We use Max-Rib Ultra for its unsurpassed performance in a light gauge panel, making it your ultimate choice.  Blunier Builders uses 29 gauge 80,000 PSI high-tensile steel which gives you greater resistance to high-impact damage such as hail, rocks, etc.  The distinctive metal panel has a Galvalume steel substrate for long-life performance.  Each panel is painted with Kynar 500® paint which provides unmatched resistance to fading & chalking & thus assures that your building will look great for years to come.