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​​​​​​Pier and Bracket System Features
  • Piers drilled at least 4' deep
  • Belled to 48"
  • Sized to hold the weight of the building and max snow loads.
  • The drilled pier hole is filled with concrete
  • Stainless steel bracket is wet-set in concrete pier
  • Brackets are designed with uplift resistance
  • Securely fastened with (2) 1/2" Bolts & (4) Framing Screws
  • Splashboard fastened to bracket


Blunier Builder's pier and bracket system has been revolutionary for the post frame industry. This system keeps all wood out of the ground, significantly reducing the possibility of posts rotting and allows a concrete floor to be poured before construction begins. This system allows Blunier Builder's bracket crew to do all the foundation work before the building crew arrives.