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Building a Storage Shed

Building a Storage Shed


Tips From the Pros: Building a Storage Shed


People have many reasons for building a storage shed in their yard. Whereas some require additional storage for junk that is accumulated through the years, others may need a place for their hobbies or a workshop. However, the most common use of a shed is to have a place to store garden tools, equipment, and other things that must be stored outside such as bicycles, muddy boots, and so on. In addition, although the things stored in the shed may not be very clean, organization is still important to avoid accidents and prevent your stuff from being destroyed.

Therefore, building a shed that is just right for your needs is important in keeping it organized. Have a cramped shed and you get insufficient space that requires you to put boxes or things on top of each other. Build a very big one and it's just a waste of space, not to mention the clutter inside when you feel that you don't need to organize because of the wide area.




Shed CapacityPlanning for the Capacity of Your Shed


The first thing to do in building a storage shed, as with many other things, is proper planning. You need to know what you are going to store in the shed so that you can build an appropriately-sized one for your needs. The last thing you want to do is to create extensions to your new shed or worse tear it down and start all over because you ended up making it too small. In addition, you may also ask yourself whether the shed is exclusively for storage only or whether you want to allot a workspace to get away from the world and indulge in your favorite hobby. Then you may consider the following shed sizes.

A 6x6 ft. shed can contain an average size ATV. An 8x8 ft. shed can house a small tractor. You need at least a 14x24 ft. shed to store a pickup truck and other tools. When you can visualize these sizes, then you can approximate the right size of shed for your tools, barbecue equipment, and other garden essentials.


Check for Required Permits


Before planning and building your shed, know whether you are allowed to do so. Most areas require you to have a building permit when you plan to add a structure to your property. Therefore, it is good to check your local building code for the necessary permits for putting up your shed. In some cases, you may also need to provide information on the materials that you plan to use in building your shed. In other instances, a representative from the municipality may survey your premises and the neighbors to ensure that there is no objection to the construction.


Building from Plan vs. Shed Kits


Another consideration in building sheds is whether you plan to build them from scratch through a well-designed plan or to construct one with a shed kit. When constructing your own shed, you can apply your own style and preferences, which allows you to truly call your shed your own. However, if it is reliability and quick setup that you're after, then different shed kits in the market ranging from small garden sheds to large ones that can be considered as small garages are available.


Shed FeaturesShed Features


Features of storage sheds can include windows, shelves, and floor framing. However, not all sheds come with these amenities. Some sheds are made to be set directly on the ground or a concrete foundation, while many others do not have windows or provide lighting options. If you must greatly consider storage options, then you must search for sheds with integrated shelving or adapters for pegboards and cabinet units. Another consideration that should be taken into account is the door type. Some sheds have single- or double-hinged doors and sliding doors. Consider whether you intend to store large items or equipment. If so, then double doors offer the widest access.


Running Power to Your Shed


If you plan to work in your shed in the evenings or are required to move things and out during the night, then you will need to wire your shed for electric lights and outlets. Running several extension cords is not a very good idea especially in the cramped space, as it is a fire hazard. In addition, know the regulations of your local authorities regarding doing your own wiring.


Your Shed Experts


If you need additional information on how to build a storage shed, or if you require a professional to help you with installing or constructing your sheds, then Blunier Builders is the expert to turn to. We have the experience to help you with your storage shed, from selecting the right size and design to adding the important features to meet your requirements. Trust us for quality work on your sheds. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.


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