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Storage Buildings In Rockford, IL

Storage Buildings in Rockford, IL

Nicknamed “the forest city,” Rockford, IL is known for beautiful sights and more than a few historically significant venues. Known for its outdoor attractions, the people of Rockford spend a lot of time outside the house, many of them taking on home improvement projects. With home projects comes the need for storage sheds in Rockford IL, which is where Blunier Builders comes in.


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Types of Storage Sheds


Blunier Builders is the premier provider of outdoor storage sheds in Rockford, IL and the surrounding area. We utilize the same reliable construction methods for putting up storage sheds as we do when designing a pole barn home. Our team of designers is excited to work with you – give us details about the vision you have for your space, and we will draw it up for you, making sure to include any specific amenities you need.


The Blunier Process:

The Blunier Builders process starts with a consultation; no matter how big or small your shed project is, we begin with a conversation to ensure that your project fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals. We work with you to consider specifications such as:

  • Your planned activities: Will you use your storage shed in Rockford, IL to store equipment, as a hobby building, for gardening?
  • Your building type: How do you plan to use your building daily? What specific needs do you have that we can consider when designing your building?
  • The interior layout of your storage shed in Rockford, IL: We will work with you to ensure that each element, including room for benches, shelving, and more is carefully considered.
  • The appropriate materials for your structure: At Blunier Builders, we only use the highest quality materials for all our projects to protect the important animals inside. Our bracket system is designed so that no wood ever touches the ground. This ensures that your posts won’t rot, and your storage shed in Rockford, IL will last season after season.


From concept to completion, hobby shops, workshops, and storage sheds in Rockford, IL are constructed carefully and accurately. Our consultants listen and work with you to develop a building plan. Our professionals learn about your goals for your storage shed in Rockford, and it is their job to help you fill in the details to make your plans a reality. We can also offer suggestions on how to make a safe and functional building while staying true to the style of your surrounding property.



Value of Storage Sheds

The beauty of storage sheds is the value they provide in the long run. They're a smart investment, as they pay for themselves over time with their versatility and usefulness.


Whether your shed serves as a garden building or a storage building, you'll find yourself wondering how you got by for so long without one. They're perfect for all sorts of backyard storage, as well as firewood storage and storage of garden tools and supplies. In order to maximize your shed's usefulness, you'll want to keep it organized and decluttered. An easy way to do that is to add shelves or a workbench. Shelves allow you to organize your shed properly and keep tools off the ground. Workbenches can also be used to keep items off the ground and as a table to complete do-it-yourself projects.


Storage Sheds In Rockford IL

Storing items like farming tools, farming supplies, hazardous materials, or heavy machinery becomes very convenient with functional storage buildings in Rockford, IL. Whether you are a farmer looking for an enclosed shed to store machinery and equipment or a homeowner wanting to organize gardening materials and tools, our team of expert builders is excited to work with you to construct a storage shed and suits your needs.


Storage Buildings For Sale Near Me

We’re a family-run company that has served the Rockford area since 2002. We lean on our strong values, and we strive to build a relationship with our customers. If you're looking for a storage shed in Rockford, IL, look no further. We’re not “just another construction company,” and we’ll prove that to you.