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Blunier Builders, Inc. is a family owned & operated company located in Central Illinois. This company was started in 2002 to provide supplemental income to the family farm in order to allow upcoming generations to work together as a family business. Built upon strong values, Blunier Builders strives to maintain a business reputation of integrity & trust. We want to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. 


Blunier Builders, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth over the past years – growing from a small five-man company operating in Central Illinois to managing over 30 employees working throughout all of Illinois. 


Our primary scope of work is constructing post-frame buildings throughout Illinois. Second to that, is providing Blunier snow removal service in Peoria & its surrounding area. This diversification provides year-round employment & security for our employees & thus helps us to maintain quality workers.

Unsatisfied with the traditional method of placing posts in the ground, we developed a concrete pier & steel bracket system that kept all of the wood posts out of the ground. This new foundation system significantly reduced the risk of post rot & helped solve a major issue of long-term building needs. Always looking for ways to improve, Blunier Builders took the bracket system one step further by switching from hot dipped galvanized steel brackets to stainless steel brackets. Now, with the combination of concrete piers & stainless steel brackets to keep the wood off the ground, a Blunier building will be around for many generations to enjoy!

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