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Equine Building in Peoria

Equine Building in Peoria, IL

The safety of your prized horses is the primary purpose of equine buildings in Peoria, IL. In constructing a new structure for your animals, many things are considered. Style, function, durability, and accessibility are only some aspects we take into account when constructing horse barns, horse stables, and equine buildings in Peoria. Whether you raise horses for recreation, sport, pleasure, or companionship, you need to address their demands for quality housing. Horses are more than just your hobby or business; they are your passion.


As one of the top contractors for equestrian buildings in Peoria, IL our team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and beautiful building for your horses, including areas for hay storage, stables, shelters, and more. We consider the health and safety of the horses and their owners throughout the design, development, and construction process.


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Beautiful Equine Buildings in Peoria


As farmers ourselves, we know the important relationship you have with your horses. Blunier Builders understands the need to construct horse barns and stables in Peoria that can withstand the elements and meet your specific needs.


The Blunier Builders process starts with a conversation; no matter how big or small your project is, we understand that you know your business (and your horses) better than anyone else. We work with you to consider elements such as:

  • Your planned activities: Will you use your equestrian building in Peoria to board horses, host shows, or store equipment?
  • Your building type: How do you plan to use your building daily? What specific needs do you have that we can consider when designing your building?
  • The ventilation of your structure: Any equine building or horse barn in Peoria, IL needs proper ventilation. Allowing area to move through the stalls helps keep both animals and people happy and comfortable.
  • The interior layout of your equine building: We will work with you to ensure that each element, including feed storage, horse size, horse bedding, and more is carefully considered.
  • The appropriate materials for your structure: At Blunier Builders, we only use the highest quality materials for all our projects to protect the important animals inside. Our bracket system is designed so that no wood ever touches the ground. This ensures that your posts won’t rot, and your equine building in Peoria, IL will last for generations.


From concept to completion, equine buildings in Peoria, IL by Blunier Builders are constructed carefully and accurately. Our consultants listen and work with you to develop a building plan. Our professionals learn about your vision for your equestrian building in Peoria, and it is their job to help you fill in the details to make your dreams a reality. We can also offer suggestions on how to make a safe and functional building while staying true to the style of your surrounding property. Blunier Builders builds equine barns in Peoria that will show your pride and care for your horses.


Functional Equine Buildings in Peoria  


In addition to equine buildings in Peoria, IL, Blunier Builders also provides:


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Blunier Builders maintains a business reputation of integrity and trust in all our projects, especially for equine buildings in Peoria, IL. We want to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, and that's why we use our experience and expertise to adopt the best practices in construction. Our staff has a combined experience of over one hundred years. We have helped countless equestrian enthusiasts with beautiful and functional homes for their horses. You, too, should trust Blunier Builders for excellent equine buildings in Peoria. 


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