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Post Frame Building in Bloomington and Rockford

Post Frame Building in Bloomington and Rockford

Post Frame Buildings: A Long-Lasting Investment


Thinking about putting up a post frame building in Bloomington or Rockford? You'd be wise to do so for many reasons. First, the savings that these buildings provide great relief to their owners. Post frame buildings in Rockford or Bloomington are less expensive and easy to build. Unlike traditional building construction in which a foundation is required, post frame buildings use the strength of posts buried sufficiently. These posts exhibit excellent lateral and vertical bearing strength. With this advantage, clients can save approximately 15% of their construction costs.


Second, post frame buildings in Rockford or Bloomington have fewer thermal breaks than conventionally constructed structures. Posts used on spans of eight feet or greater can be insulated better than other buildings with studs at one to two feet on center, yielding greater energy efficiency. As a result, post frame buildings in Bloomington and Rockford are less expensive to heat, adding more to operational savings. With these advantages, it is not difficult to see why post frame buildings are the structures of choice in Bloomington and Rockford.


Sturdy Post Frame Construction


Applications for sturdy and reliable post frame construction include barns for farmers, garages for storage, automobile, or motor shop owners, utility buildings for service providers, strip malls for retailers, gymnasiums for schools or communities, aircraft hangar in airfields and airports, and many other building types. These post frame buildings in Rockford or Bloomington can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or be an open air structures with minimal finishing costs. The walls of post frame buildings are non-load-bearing because of efficient pole construction methods, lowering framing costs.


You can count on Blunier Builders to provide post frame buildings in Bloomington and Rockford for any application. From start to finish, we apply our six-point process in the construction of post frame buildings. First, we plan and consult with you to know your requirements. Second, our design and engineering department goes to work. Third, within the second step, we apply innovations that are unique to our company. Fourth, we optimize site work with proper management. Fifth, our detail-oriented crew work hard to add the important details. Lastly, we consider safety in all our work.


Reliable Post Frame Buildings in Bloomington and Rockford


If your operation requires a reliable post frame building in Rockford or Bloomington, then you can count on the expert services of Blunier Builders. We offer the following in addition to post frame buildings:



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Choice for Post Frame Buildings in Rockford and Bloomington


Blunier Builders is the choice of farmers and contractors for reliable post frame buildings in Rockford and Bloomington. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years, taking our roots as farmers and identifying the need for quality post frame buildings in agriculture. Today, we provide post frame buildings for every application. We custom-design and engineer these buildings to suit your needs. Our post frame buildings are designed with structural integrity to last decades. Our in-house design team will help bring your vision to life. Trust Blunier Builders today.


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