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Post Frame Building in Bloomington and Rockford

Post-Frame Building in Bloomington and Rockford

Considering building a post-frame building in Bloomington, Rockford, or the surrounding areas? Our knowledgeable, dedicated team of professionals is excited to help you begin the process. Post-frame buildings have a multitude of benefits, including being easier to construct and less expensive than other similar structures. As one of the top companies for post-frame buildings in Bloomington, IL and Rockford, IL, you can trust that your Blunier building will last for decades to come.


Unlike other building types, post-frame buildings are cost efficient because they don’t require as many load-bearing walls to achieve structural integrity. Our post-frame buildings in Rockford and Bloomington are designed to resist vertical and lateral loads safely, as one weak link can compromise the structural integrity of your post-frame building. Blunier Builders’ team of experts ensures that only the highest quality materials are used to construct post-frame buildings in Bloomington, Rockford, and throughout Illinois.


Post-frame buildings are also easy to insulate. Whether you want to utilize your post-frame building in Bloomington or Rockford as a workshop, office space, storage area, or garage, insulating your post-frame building will ensure that your space is usable all year long.


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Sturdy Post-Frame Construction


Applications for sturdy and reliable post-frame construction include barns for farmers, garages for storage, automobile, or motor shop owners, utility buildings for service providers, strip malls for retailers, gymnasiums for schools or communities, aircraft hangars in airfields and airports, and many other uses. These post-frame buildings in Rockford or Bloomington have incredible design flexibility; they can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or be open-air structures with minimal finishing costs.


Blunier Builders is your go-to post-frame builder in Bloomington, Rockford, and throughout Illinois. Blunier Builder’s pier and bracket system has been revolutionary for the post-frame industry. This system keeps all wood out of the ground, significantly reducing the possibility of posts rotting and allows a concrete floor to be poured prior to construction. This system allows Blunier Builder’s bracket crew to do all the foundation work before the building crew arrives.


Reliable Post Frame Buildings in Bloomington and Rockford, IL


If your operation requires a reliable post-frame building in Rockford or Bloomington, then you can count on the expert services of Blunier Builders. We offer the following in addition to post-frame buildings:



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The choice for Post-Frame Buildings in Illinois


Blunier Builders is the top choice of farmers and contractors for reliable post-frame buildings in Rockford and Bloomington. With decades of experience in the industry, our team uses our background in farming to understand the needs of post-frame buildings in agriculture, commercial industries, and residential life. We custom design and engineer every post-frame building to suit your needs. Our post-frame buildings in Bloomington and Rockford and created with structural integrity to last for generations. Our in-house design team looks forward to working with you to bring your vision to life.


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