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Pole Barns in Peoria And Bloomington

Pole Barns in Peoria, IL and Bloomington, IL

Pole barns make an excellent addition to your property. Whether you need a secure structure that will offer you extra storage room for machinery, a safe and protected space for livestock, or a functional and energy-efficient workshop or office space, a pole barn is the perfect solution.


Located in Eureka, IL, Blunier Builders serves Central Illinois, with many clients in the Peoria and Bloomington areas. Pole barns in Peoria, IL and pole barns in Bloomington, IL have grown in popularity with farmers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and homeowners because of their versatility and adaptability. Unlike traditional barns and similar frame buildings, pole barn buildings in Peoria and Bloomington, IL are less expensive, easier to insulate, and faster to build.


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We pride ourselves in producing a well-built building that will stand the test of time and last for generations to come!



Pole Barns in Central Illinois


Pole barns in Peoria, IL and Bloomington, IL allow users to have extended living and entertaining space, as well as enjoy all four seasons. Pole barns in Peoria and Bloomington provide an area for workshops and classes, family gatherings, sports courts, arts and crafts centers, or an at-home gym, no matter the weather outside.


While pole barns and post-frame buildings are highly adaptable and quick to build, it is important to hire a professional who will ensure that your pole barn in Peoria or Bloomington is built correctly and securely. When constructed correctly, pole barns can last for 60+ years. As one of the top pole barn builders in Peoria, IL, and Bloomington, IL, the team at Blunier Builders provides decades of experience in consulting, planning, and building pole barn structures. In addition to our years of experience, our expert pole barn builders will ensure that your pole barn in Peoria and Bloomington is constructed with the highest quality materials that will last for decades and customized to your specific needs and preferences.


The knowledgeable team at Blunier Builders will work with you to create a beautiful, sustainable structure that will last for decades to come.


Elements to Consider When Constructing a Pole Barn



There are many advantages to constructing a pole barn in Bloomington and Peoria. First, pole barns are faster and easier to build than other similar structures. Pole barns are also more adaptable to a variety of locations on a client’s property. Since pole barns are supported by deep-set poles, builders don’t need to prepare a level bed of concrete to start the building. Unlevel ground, gravel, or dirt can be leveled and cleared quickly for pole barn construction.


Pole barns are also the easiest structures to insulate, which will be helpful if you want to use your space for dry storage or as an extension of your home or business.


Get an idea of the size, look, and features you may want to include in your new pole barn construction with our gallery of example work.


Building Options


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Quality Pole Barns Across Central Illinois


The quality Blunier Builders provides sets us apart from other pole barn builders in the area. Our pole barn builders in Bloomington and Peoria will partner with you to help you make informed decisions on the best materials and building methods. We listen to your needs to ensure that your new pole barn will perfectly accommodate the function you plan to use it for. Our talented design team will design each detail of your building and your pole barn project will have its own in-house crew working on it.


Pole barns are versatile, functional, and beautiful when constructed correctly. As a top pole barn builder in Bloomington and Peoria, our team of designers and builders work collaboratively with you to ensure that your project is within budget, on time, and built to your specifications.


Blunier Builders uses unique, specialized building techniques to ensure that your pole barn in Bloomington and Peoria is steadfast. Our pier and bracket system has been revolutionary in the post-frame building industry. This system keeps all wood out of the ground, significantly reducing the possibility of posts rotting. Additionally, our trusses are custom designed for the specific needs of your building. They are saddled and bolted to laminated columns and galvanized steel gusset plates add strength at every connection point in our trusses. No job is too small or too large for our dedicated building crew.


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Durable Pole Barn Construction


You can trust that your Pole Barn in Bloomington and Peoria will be built by a team that values trust, integrity, and respect. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the community and pride ourselves in producing a well-built building that will stand the test of time and last for generations to come.


In addition to durable pole barns in Bloomington and Peoria, we also develop a variety of agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings, including:


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Your Source of Pole Barns in Bloomington, Rockford, and Peoria IL


Blunier Builders, Inc. is your go-to for pole barns in Bloomington, Peoria, and all of Central Illinois. Our team of knowledgeable, professional builders is dedicated to constructing a perfect product, from the initial site work to the final touches. Our innovative, safety-minded, and detail-orientated processes ensure that your pole barn will last year after year.


Blunier Builders are the primary builders of pole barns in Bloomington and Peoria. Our company has enjoyed steady growth over the past years, growing from a small five-man company operating in Central Illinois to managing 90+ employees working throughout all of Illinois. Unsatisfied with the traditional method of grounding posts, we developed a concrete pier and steel bracket system that keeps all of the wood posts out of the ground, significantly reducing the risk of post rot and solving a major issue of long-term building needs.


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