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Machine Sheds in Bloomington

Machine Sheds in Bloomington, IL

Your farm's most important tools and investment are your machines. Protect them with a properly constructed machine shed in Bloomington, IL by Blunier Builders. Properly stored machinery depreciates less, as the equipment is sheltered from the harsh elements of the hot sun, wind, and precipitation. Important equipment such as belts, hoses, and bearings will last longer when stored in machine sheds. Blunier Builder's machine sheds in Bloomington also allow you to park your large farming equipment more conveniently. ​


Whether you need to store mowers and trailers or tractors and combines, our team of knowledgeable builders will construct a machine shed in Bloomington, IL to fit your specific needs. Machine sheds have substantial design flexibility. You may want to use your machine shed exclusively for storage, or you may want to have a built-in workshop space to easily work on equipment no matter the season. Our talented team of designers is excited to work with you to completely customize your machine shed installation in Bloomington, IL.


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Machine Shed Installation in Bloomington

As one of the top contractors for machine sheds in Bloomington, IL, we are proud to offer the following “Blunier Features”:

Pier and Bracket System:

  • Blunier Builder's pier and bracket system has been revolutionary for the post-frame industry. This system keeps all wood out of the ground, significantly reducing the possibility of posts rotting, and allows a concrete floor to be poured before construction begins. This system allows Blunier Builder's bracket crew to do all the foundation work before the building crew arrives.


Roofing System Features:

  • Our trusses are custom designed for the specific needs of your building. They are saddled and bolted to laminated columns & galvanized steel gusset plates add strength at every connection point in our trusses. Purlins are set on edge 2' on center and overlap at the trusses for added strength & rigidity. Continuous vented ridge is standard and allows proper ventilation throughout the year.


Wall System and Laminated Column Features:

  • Our columns are constructed with the best quality lumber available & are laminated in a controlled shop environment.  The column size & spacing is dependent on the size of the building.  Blunier Builders works to design a building to fit your specific needs with quality in mind.

McElroy Metal and Kynar Paint Features:

  • We use Max-Rib Ultra for its unsurpassed performance in a light gauge panel, making it your ultimate choice. The distinctive metal panel has a Galvalume steel substrate for long-life performance. Each panel is painted with Kynar 500® paint which provides unmatched resistance to fading and chalking.


Walk Doors and Windows:

  • Because walk doors and windows are an essential part of every building, quality is key. Blunier Builders uses only high-quality doors and windows from its supplier. These components are designed for post-frame construction ensuring a seamless fit for your building. The doors and windows are insulated and have a variety of options.


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Spacious Machine Sheds in Bloomington


The team at Blunier Builders comes from a family of farmers. We know the importance of projects that are completed on time, on budget, and without hassle. Our expert builders are constantly innovating our building processes to ensure that every element of our machine sheds in Bloomington, IL is exceptional. We understand the needs of the farming community, and we work hard to address your needs by building quality and spacious machine sheds that will last a lifetime. Whether you need a building strictly for machine storage or you have plans to dedicate a part of the building to a future shop or office, Blunier Builders is ready to help.



Excellent Machine Sheds in Bloomington


If you’re looking for a machine shed contractor in Bloomington, IL who is knowledgeable about the needs of farmers, Blunier Builders is ready to help. In addition to machine sheds, we provide a variety of building types, including:



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Your Builder of Machine Sheds in Bloomington


Blunier Builders is your machine shed builder in Bloomington, IL. Whenever we take on a project, we stick to the plan. We commence and wrap up construction as scheduled using our streamlined management processes. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a building for their equipment should highly consider the skills and experience of Blunier Builders. We are pleased to let our excellent reviews speak for themselves. Our construction techniques are prompt, efficient, and thorough. We continually inform our clients about the progress of the project so that they keep track of completion.


We are dedicated to building the best machine sheds in Bloomington for your farming operation. Contact us today.


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